WesBrodsky Wireless Communication
Communications and Microwave Consulting
These are the days of System-on-a-Chip, where digital, RF, and sometimes even antenna functions are integrated on a single chip, or tightly integrated on a small circuit board. Contributors can no longer just be digital or RF or System Analysis people. Expertise must span the fields of signal processing, digital design, RF/microwave design, antennas, and propagation.\r\nWesBrodsky Wireless Communication provides consulting for communications and RF systems; including the fields of analog and digital signal processing, RF/microwave design, antennas, and propagation. The company's founder; Wesley Brodsky, WCP*; has more than 35 years experience in these systems. He received a B.S. Degree from New York University and a M.S. Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, both in Electrical Engineering. Wes holds two patents and has published several papers. \r\n[*The IEEE Communications Society has declared Wes an "IEEE Wireless Communication Professional".]

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